Video: how ayahuasca heals the brain

Watch: This Is How Ayahuasca Heals Your Brain

Nearly every study on Ayahuasca to date compiled into 1 pdf

The following was provided by; a website dedicated to independent journalism on natural alternative medicines/practices. was founded by an ex-CNN reporter who had her voice silenced over a controversial piece done on the Middle East. After quitting, she went to South America, had a life changing experience with natural medicine, and decided to create a website for unbiased independent research on alternative medicines.

An experience with Mescaline (active chemical in Wachuma and Peyote)

The following is an account by Alexander T. Shulgin, Ph.D. He is a chemist/pharmacologist with academic training from Harvard and the University of California. This was his first psychedelic experience caused by a capsule containing 400mg or mescaline sulfate. Mescaline is the primary active chemical in both Wachuma (San Pedro) and Peyote.

“The details of that day were hopelessly complex and will remain buried in my notes, but the distillation, the essence of the experience, was this. I saw the world that presented itself in several guises. It had a marvel of color that was, for me, without precedent, for I had never particularly noticed the world of color. The rainbow had always provided me with all the hues I could respond to. Here, suddenly I had hundreds of nuances of color, which were new to me, and which I have never, even today, forgotten. The world was also marvelous in its detail. I could see the intimate structure of a bee putting something into a sack on its hind leg to take to its hive, and yet I was completely at peace with the bee’s closeness to my face. The world was a wonder of interpretive insight. I saw people as caricatures, which revealed both their pains and their hopes, and they seemed not to mind my seeing them that way. More than anything else the world amazed me, in that I saw it as I had when I was a child. I had forgotten the beauty and the magic and the knowingness of it and me. I was in familiar territory, a space wherein I had once roamed as an immortal explorer, and I was recalling everything that had been authentically known to me then, and which I had abandoned, then forgotten, with my coming of age. Like the touchstone that recalls a dream to sudden presence, this experience reaffirmed a miracle of excitement that I had known in my childhood but had been pressured to forget. The most compelling insight of that day was that this awesome recall had been brought about by a fraction of a gram of a white solid, but in no way whatsoever could it be argued that these memories had been contained within the white solid. Everything I had recognized came from the depths of my memory and my psyche. I understood that our entire universe is contained in the mind and spirit. We may choose not to find access to it, we may even deny its existence, but it is indeed there inside us, and there are chemicals that can catalyze its availability.”

The power of Ayahuasca as told by long-time member of União do Vegetal

The following is an account from Annelise Schinzinger, who has worked with ayahuasca since 1977, and is a long time member of the Church União do Vegetal, a religious group founded in the Brazilian jungles and centered around the ceremonial use of Ayahuasca. Annelise holds a bachelors from UC Irvine in Portuguese and Spanish and has worked as a translator and interpreter for ethnobotanists and environmentalists.

“Many of the men in Mestre Gabriel’s (founder of the church) time were rubber tappers and acted in violent or overtly aggressive ways. One mestre told us that before he began drinking the tea, he proclaimed in a drunken dare that he would bite off his thumb, and showed us the stubble that now remains. Through the expanding awareness Hoasca (Brazilian for ‘ayahuasca’) provides, the people learn to tame their tempers, respect themselves and others more, and consequently lead more peaceful lives […] Communing with Hoasca is a journey of self-discovery. Hoasca incarnates Spirit in sentient experience, prompting some to refer to Hoasca as the religion of feeling. It is truly one of the best vehicles I know for openhearted sensitivity […] I have noticed an often-remarkable change in people’s attitudes and behavior prompted by the transformative power of the tea. When one drinks Hoasca and experiences an expanded state of consciousness, aspects of one’s psyche that are not in alignment are brought to one’s attention in a revelatory and often dramatic way. Once given the opportunity to see and experience the effects and repercussions of one’s attitudes and actions, the next step depends upon the desire and will to follow the guidance and integrate the lesson into one’s life. As an example, a boy I know was addicted to video games. That’s all he wanted to do. One day he asked his father, a mestre, if he could participate in a session. In the enlightened state he was taken on a nightmarish ride through the video games, seen from the inside out. After the challenging ride, he decided he’d had enough video games. Doing his school-work and playing outside became more meaningful […] I have seen people who have been addicted to nicotine, drugs, alcohol, and other vices drink Hoasca and quit immediately upon recognizing the extent of harm they were causing themselves and others. Hoasca has many ways of getting the message across, and it seems each way is tailor-made for the person and for that person’s problem […] Hoasca facilitates clarity through the revelation of our true nature–the God and Goddess within, including the shadow. We must delve into the dark realms, as well as the glorious, to really know who we are. Hoasca unmasks the dark areas of our psyche and facilitates awareness of the emotions, thoughts, and actions that impede attunement with the higher self. She flashes light to the paralyzed areas of our psyche and body for healing […] Hoasca is a good teacher: she not only opens us to what we need to know, but also teaches us how to open ourselves. Hoasca helps us to clear communication lines and access cellular memory. Expanded awareness is always present–it is simply a matter of tuning in. Life is a constant revelation of the power and brilliance of Creation. When our consciousness aligns with the creative force, and we act with integrity, clarity, and open heart, amazing things can happen. Opportunities abound in our daily lives, by centering our hearts and deepening our presence. By the gift of grace, and with conscious intent, veils can be lifted and portals opened, revealing mysteries right under the veneer.”

How we plan to work with Dante

As stated in the video, Dante was one of the first to implement voluntourism in the Manu Jungle. This means that for a small fee, he takes volunteers to his reservation to work on one of his many projects. The duration of volunteering can range anywhere from 5 days to a year and he is very flexible in providing a project that you feel personally connected to.

He has been kind enough to provide us with a space to plant, harvest and practice with these plants. In exchange we’ll be helping him construct a home for volunteers who want to work with these plants. Currently, he does have a home for volunteers, but it is a serious 1hr hike to the plantation where he grows bananas and chocolate and where our plants will be located. It is very exhausting to have to wake up early, hike an hour with supplies, work on the plantation for most of the day, and then hike another hour back.

In addition to the new housing, we’ll be paying a small fee each time we harvest medicine. This way, we have a safe location where we can teach others about these plants, and provide a genuine jungle experience, and Dante gets a new revenue stream for his projects. We’re hoping that with this video and future marketing, we can encourage more people to volunteer, which is a large part of Dante’s NGO’s income.

With your help we can keep raising awareness of these magical plants.

Our business model

Because this is a healing cooperative, each medicine person will work independently under the same company name. We plan to share marketing materials, our website, and ceremonial space.

Prices for ceremonies are still being finalized, but we expect prices to hover around $80. Within this price, each customer is provided transportation to and from our ceremonial space, medicine, live ceremonial music, and fruit and tea to follow the ceremony, where we’ll debrief and share our experiences. For a small fee we’ll provide room and board.

Each medicine person will receive a predetermined pay, and the difference will go towards marketing and rent.

Each medicine person has and will be hand-picked if they resonate with our purpose, they can demonstrate a genuine practice, and only after each team member approves. This way we can assure that each person is skilled in what they claim, and we can provide the highest quality service.

If you are or know someone who offers a high quality spiritual/medicinal practice, please contact us at We are always looking to meet other genuine practitioners and add new services.

Our philosophy for ceremony

No one person will heal you. We do not claim to be healers or miracle workers, but we do believe these medicines can heal you; it ultimately comes down to you though.

We believe every single person is their own teacher and their own master. Having a teacher can always help you, but ultimately you are responsible for yourself, your emotions, your peace, your salvation. No one can do that for you. Anyone who claims that is lying to you.

At Mate de Luz, we give everyone the tools they need. We give people a meditation technique and we offer medicines. In this way each person consciously works to heal themselves, and we are there to give guidance and help.

Do we believe you need to take these medicines to find peace or salvation? Absolutely not. But they can absolutely get you on the path or help you along it.

My personal belief is that enlightenment or salvation can only be achieved through consciousness and meditation/prayer. The problem is these take practice and patience, two things most people aren’t willing to do. It’s especially hard if you’ve never experienced anything spiritual, or felt the benefit of meditation/prayer.

What these plants do (generally speaking; it’s different for everyone) is speed up that initial process. They have you feel and sometimes see things that do not fit in with rationality. They show you what is possible if you live a conscious and spiritual life. It’s like getting a taste of divinity so that you know what you’re working towards through these practices. After having experienced it, it is much easier to have patience and practice meditation because you realize how beautiful and amazing the results can be.

Ultimately, you still need to put in the work, but what we here at Mate de Luz want EVERYONE to understand is that you do not have to be dependent on a teacher, master, plant or practice. You have everything you need and all the answers of the universe within you, you just need to learn how to access it.

And THAT is the message we hope we can share.

Is diet important?


“Although a drug experience might seem ‘unearned’, our evidence has suggested that preparation and expectation play an important part, not only in the type of experience attained, but in later fruits for life. Perhaps the hardest ‘work’ comes after the experience which itself may only provide motivation for future efforts to integrate and appreciate what has been learned.”

–Walter N. Pahnke, Drugs and Mysticism (Dissertation), 1963

Aside from potential danger you put yourself in (depending on your diet), you can expect some serious and uncomfortable purging.

It’s kind of common sense that if the body is clean and empty, the chemical compounds in these medicines have a much greater chance to doing their job, but what’s not so well understood is the intention aspect of the diet.

These medicines have their own spirits and their own gifts to provide. What many people don’t talk about is that the diet is really an offering/sacrifice we make of ourselves to offer up in order to then receive something. The more sacrifice you make, the more intention you’re putting into the ceremony, the more seriously you take it, the higher the chances you’ll receive an intimate and transformative experience.