Is diet important?


“Although a drug experience might seem ‘unearned’, our evidence has suggested that preparation and expectation play an important part, not only in the type of experience attained, but in later fruits for life. Perhaps the hardest ‘work’ comes after the experience which itself may only provide motivation for future efforts to integrate and appreciate what has been learned.”

–Walter N. Pahnke, Drugs and Mysticism (Dissertation), 1963

Aside from potential danger you put yourself in (depending on your diet), you can expect some serious and uncomfortable purging.

It’s kind of common sense that if the body is clean and empty, the chemical compounds in these medicines have a much greater chance to doing their job, but what’s not so well understood is the intention aspect of the diet.

These medicines have their own spirits and their own gifts to provide. What many people don’t talk about is that the diet is really an offering/sacrifice we make of ourselves to offer up in order to then receive something. The more sacrifice you make, the more intention you’re putting into the ceremony, the more seriously you take it, the higher the chances you’ll receive an intimate and transformative experience.

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