Mate de Luz: Our mission and vision

Mate de Luz translates to Tea or infusion of light. The four of us all were initiated with Wachuma (San Pedro Cactus) and Ayahuasca, both of which are essentially very concentrated teas. And we have all seen the powerful benefit people can receive from ingesting these teas, not only because of the psychological and emotional benefits, but they can also be powerful purgatives to detox the body and have beneficial alkaloids. Thus, we see this as a gift of light.

Our mission is to spread awareness of these plants and practices and provide a safe and sustainable environment where people of all beliefs and backgrounds can come and openly experience their magic.

Each one of us having undergone apprenticeships with teachers, found serious contradictions in the way these teachers carried themselves and administered these medicines. Whether the medicine was from unknown sources with unknown ingredients, whether it was infidelity or unsafe environments for women, or whether they were so ego driven they stopped caring about people and were more worried about making a profit. We knew this was not what nature intended. We were tired of hearing of people’s bad experiences, and we decided to do something about it starting directly from the source; the jungle.

Now, we’re not saying there aren’t good teachers and medicine people, because that’s absolutely false. There are some amazing and magical people out there, but there are also countless people who will buy medicine from unknown sources, who will put on a poncho, put on a show, and try to make a quick dollar. Sometimes it’ll come out right, many times it won’t. That is neither safe nor sustainable. (please see the next post on why this is problematic)

Any money donated is going directly to make our mission a reality.

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