How we plan to work with Dante

As stated in the video, Dante was one of the first to implement voluntourism in the Manu Jungle. This means that for a small fee, he takes volunteers to his reservation to work on one of his many projects. The duration of volunteering can range anywhere from 5 days to a year and he is very flexible in providing a project that you feel personally connected to.

He has been kind enough to provide us with a space to plant, harvest and practice with these plants. In exchange we’ll be helping him construct a home for volunteers who want to work with these plants. Currently, he does have a home for volunteers, but it is a serious 1hr hike to the plantation where he grows bananas and chocolate and where our plants will be located. It is very exhausting to have to wake up early, hike an hour with supplies, work on the plantation for most of the day, and then hike another hour back.

In addition to the new housing, we’ll be paying a small fee each time we harvest medicine. This way, we have a safe location where we can teach others about these plants, and provide a genuine jungle experience, and Dante gets a new revenue stream for his projects. We’re hoping that with this video and future marketing, we can encourage more people to volunteer, which is a large part of Dante’s NGO’s income.

With your help we can keep raising awareness of these magical plants.

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